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10 Books, Movies That Explore The American Experience

Over the past month or so,  I’ve read — or watched — a wide range of material exploring the American Way. Here are 10 works I recommend: 1. Glass House by Brian Alexander: I learned about this book from What’s Nonfiction (read review here) and was several pages into the book before I realized that […]

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Two Classic Movies That Capture American Grit

I have always enjoyed watching films featuring Morgan Freeman or Denzel Washington. Both of these actors seem to pick high-quality scripts as is the case with these two movies: Lean on Me (1989) and John Q (2002). The movies shine a light on two strong male characters who rise to the occasion and refuse to surrender to the hardship they […]

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‘Recovery Boys’ Another Great Documentary On Opioid Crisis

When I watched the parade scene in ‘Recovery Boys’ a Netflix original documentary created by the producer of Heroin(e), I felt like I was watching a parade in my hometown. The backdrop of the empty, gutted downtown looked eerily similar in concept. But, in Preble County, an apparent change in the heroin supply, dropped the […]

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