Documents About Rob and Malinda Beaty

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* This record demonstrates some of the difficulty with database searches. Rob’s father is listed as J.H. his mother is listed as Martha — and his brother Joel’s name is misspelled. But, it is the correct document because Rob’s age is correct (listed as 4 which is right if the Census was taken before April), and his grandparents and uncle live in the household. These names help verify the household.

** Another discrepancy arise in this record. Rob’s age is incorrect by about 10 years.

Rob’s Parents

For reasons I have never uncovered Rob’s father James Hilary Beaty went by Dan. However, when you view official records, like court documents or Census reports, he will be listed as James. He was born in 1878 so he first appear in a Census record in 1880. He was James Knox Polk Beaty and Elizabeth Garrett Beaty’s next-to-last son (Lewis was their last child). Two of Dan’s uncles died as POWs in a Confederate Prison Camp.

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