American History


The_Chicago_Memorial_Day_IncidentDepression-Era Violence Forgotten
A part of American history lost to time are the conflicts that arose during the Great Depression. The history most Americans know about 1930s is about FDR and the New Deal which, although significant, it is only one piece of that era’s rich — and sometimes controversial — history. One of those controversial moments was captured on film in 1937. Read more >>


Ulysses_GrantFrom Heroes To Bums — Ohio Gave Them All
Growing up in Ohio, I knew one thing for certain about the United States presidency — the state delivered eight men to the White House. What I did not learn in school was these eight men were involved in some of the weirdest stories in United States’ history. Read More >>


mormons9/11 Is Not First Act Of Terrorism On U.S. Soil On September 11
In 1857 a relatively wealthy group of family and friends decided to leave Arkansas for better opportunities in California. But, the party of about 200 relatives, neighbors and long-standing friends, would not make it — instead they would be victims in one of the worst massacres in American history. Read More >>

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