Shadrach Claywell’s Family

8673339_f1024Shadrach Claywell, born in Bedford County, Virginia is often the focal point in Claywell genealogy. Although, the Claywells had been living in North America since around 1650, Shadrach is the first American in the family tree. Shadrach, a Revolutionary War soldier and POW, moved his family into the ‘new frontier’ of Kentucky in 1806.

The home Shadrach and his family lived in has been preserved and now sits inside Veterans Park in Burkesville, Kentucky.

To better understand my American experience, I researched the lives of his children, and uncovered stories of bravery, tragedy and, at least in some of Shadrach’s grandchildren, crime. Many of his children chose to stay in Cumberland County, Kentucky, but some went west — into Illinois and Texas.

This is one branch of my American experience. The stories of the other, the Beatys, will be meted out over the course of 2016.

The Claywells

Shadrach and Amelia Rush had 10 children. Here are their stories.


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