How I cut my grocery bill (almost) in half


Besides the $82.89 I saved at Kroger (my final bill was $108.72), I will save $2 off fuel (20 gallons with a 10 cent per gallon discount), $1 from ibotta and $1.75 from Checkout 51.

Once I started working from home, I took over the grocery shopping and one of the challenges I imposed on myself is finding ways to reduce what I spend each month. Because of this I have come across several systems that work almost seemlessly with my shopping.

Paper Coupons. These I am using less and less since I have moved to digital coupons. But, whenever I do use them, I pair them up with store sales so I can get the most benefit from them. In my recent trip to grocery, I bought 6 jars of Ragu — normally priced $1.79 — which would total $10.64. But since Kroger had a buy 6 get $3 off deal — they were $7.74. My three coupons were worth 75 cents each bringing my total down to $5.49. I had a 4th coupon — a store coupon for a free Ragu — ($1.29) bringing my final cost for 6 jars down to $4.20 or 70 cents per jar.

Digital Coupons. I tend to get my best deals with digital coupons probably because I add them to my card based on what I know I will buy. Once they are loaded to the card, I don’t have to worry about losing them. I normally double check my list of digital coupons before heading to the store.

Saving Star. I get on this site once a week just to make sure I have grabbed any deals that may save me a few dollars. Although, you won’t see huge savings here, the advantage is you receive cash back for the purchase and once you have $5 in your account you can cash it out.

Apps. I just starting using ibotta and Checkout 51. Similiar in concept to Saving Star, these systems deposit cash into your account and you then cash it out once you reach $5 (ibotta) or $20 (Checkout 51). They are designed for smart phones and you simply photograph your receipt with your phone and select the deals you purchased. With ibotta, you do have to play trivia type games to earn the rebate.

For hoousehold goods, I tend to utilize the extra bucks program at CVS. This seems to keep my cost low especially for TP, paper towels and dishwasher soap.

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