Books I’ve Read: The Religion War

Short and to the point, is the best way to describe The Religion War by Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame). Adams lets you know up front that the book is minimalistic and does not have extra padding like scene or plot building.

Adams is on a mission — he wants people to pause and think about their concept of God. At its core, this book is dealing with hard-hitting questions. Ideas like: How can ‘men of God’ with opposing viewpoints be listening to the same higher power. Is it possible that the concept of God is completely misunderstood — or even manipulated — by world leadership?

The book is a tool to stimulate the dialogue.

The Religion War is a fast-paced story that pits the Christian Alliance against a Muslim terrorist complete with a messiah figure — the Avatar. Like Adams, the Avatar is also on a mission. His goal is to prevent the impending doom that is about to be unleashed. Like a messiah, the Avatar tries to work his magic and intervene to save humanity. He even coordinates a meeting between the two sworn enemies, General Horatio Cruz and Al-Zee. The meeting ends in disaster, forcing the Avatar to rely on a restaurant owner and a computer programmer to halt the War.

In a somewhat unexpected twist to the story, though the Avatar fails. But, it is in his failure that a new solution is born. The solution is the brainchild of the programmer and the restaurateur — a solution, that a least for a time, saves humanity.

The most intriguing part of the book for me are the eight question posed after the story ends, including:

If you suspected you were deluded, how could you find out for sure?

Bottom Line: Quick, interesting and thought-provoking read.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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