Stocks and Bonds 3M Bookshelf Game (Photos)


This game has been released with several looks, but the one I have is the 1964 3M Bookshelf version. The bookshelf games were built to last — and as the name suggests — were designed to be placed on a bookshelf for storage. The most interesting part of this particular find, for me, is the marketing booklet included in the game (pictured above).


1964 version of the 3M Company's Bookshelf Game Stocks & Bonds.

1964 version of the 3M Company’s Bookshelf Game Stocks & Bonds.

The game includes scorecards to record your finances after each round of play, dice, chalk and eraser, stock certificates, a flexible chalkboard and action cards (Bear market, etc.). Game also include stock calculator which is based on roll of the dice and a card explaining each of the stock.

How to Play
Players take turn rolling the dice and attempt to improve their wealth by buying and selling stock.

The 1964 version in mint condition can sell for $50. Played with, but compete versions, sell for around $20.

Current Auction

For a list of current eBay prices, click here.

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