It’s Election Day: Do You Know Why We Vote On Tuesday?

-flagsUnless you live under a rock, you know today is Election Day. You may have already voted. But do you know why we vote on Tuesday, instead of, say Monday or Saturday?

This short video has the answer — and the answer just may surprise you (hint: it’s a really old law and it has nothing to do with a Constitutional mandate).

Time For A Change?

Several groups seeking to make U.S. elections fairer say many of our election laws should be updated to reflect the modern era. Laws that made sense years ago — like the law that has us voting on Tuesdays — no longer apply. If we want to increase voter participation the traditions should be abolished, they say.

Some of the reforms being suggested include:

  • Weekend Voting
  • National Popular Vote for President
  • Publically Funded Elections
  • Abolish Closed Primary System

To learn more about the various changes being proposed visit: or Common Cause.

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