Want of the Week – 1975 The Game of JAWS

If you are looking for an interesting or unique vintage toy, Fyndit is a website you need to check out. The site has both a ‘wants’ and ‘finds’ section for readers to browse so they can help out other vintage toy collectors. The current ‘want of the week,’ is this Jaws game — the find of the week is an old Mr. T toy. – Charlie


In the 1970’s the movie JAWS terrorized surfers and beach goers everywhere. You couldn’t dip a toe into the ocean without thinking about a great white shark attack.


This week’s Want of the Week is for a 1975 Ideal Toys The Game of Jaws. This vintage game is now a hot collectors item. One of our FyndIt members is searching for this game with the original box and all of the original game pieces for $65 or under. Can you help find this vintage JAWS game? If so, you could earn a couple of bucks for your effort if your Find is accepted as a match.

You can make money helping find Wants on FyndIt. People are looking for hard-to-find collectibles and need your help. They are offering some sweet bounty rewards in exchange for your assistance in finding things.

Check out other Wants listed on FyndIt and see if…

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