Preble County Statistics, Trends

Eaton Municipal Court

January, 2018

In eight of the 12 Possession of a Drug Abuse Instrument Eaton-based cases on the docket, it was the only charge levied against the defendant. It was the 9th time one of the defendants had been picked up for that charge by an Eaton Police Officer and that individual has been arrested on average, once per month, since May, 2017. Four of the nine arrests are by the same officer.

Preble County Common Pleas Court

Of the 209 possession of heroin cases in the Court’s database, roughly half of the defendants are born in the 1980s (99). The other statistically important generations are 1970s (46) and the 1990s (37). This is why some believe Preble County is now in its third generation of drug use. This theory does correlate with newspaper clippings which show that in the 1970s, marijuana began competing with alcohol as the drug of choice in the County.

Job Market

On March 7, 2018 three of Preble County’s top employers listed the following local jobs:

  • Silfex: 111
  • Henny Penny: 13
  • Timken: 3

Preble County Wages

According to a 2016 report from the regional United Way,

“The average self-sufficiency wage per hour for Montgomery, Greene, and Preble counties is $8.80/hr for an individual and $11.49/hr per adult in a family with two adults and one infant.”

This equal $18,304 annually for a single person or $47,798 for a family.

In 2015, roughly two-thirds of the jobs in Preble County paid less than $40,000 annually, according to the Census-based Inflow/Outflow report — a report that analyzes a community’s employment opportunities.

Police Reports

A 28-year-old individual arrested for possession of meth stated he was a recovering heroin addict who began taking meth to be able to work the long hours at his place of employment. (Feb. 2018)

Children Services


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