Gomer Pyle board game (Photo)

1964 Gomer Pyle board game.

1964 Gomer Pyle board game.

I became interested in vintage board games when I stumbled across an unplayed version of Class Struggle (you can read about it and a few other rare finds in this article I wrote for Yahoo). Now, whenever I go to a garage sale or a thrift store, I head for the toy rack and see what I can find.

Description: This 1964 game is obviously connected to the Gomer Pyle TV show. The game is played by rolling the dice and each player tries to finish first so they can salute Sergeant Carter. The game was sold by Transogram. The company’s most famous game was probably Tiddledy Winks.

Notes: Although Mint in the Box versions of the game are listed for as much as $200, mine is not complete and is in played with condition. Part of the value of the game, I think, besides its connection to a TV show is the graphics are colorful and a very high quality for that era.

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