Rare 3M Bookshelf Game Sells for $725

JatiDuring the 1960s 3M (the company that gave us Post-It Notes) created a series of games known as Bookshelf Games. They were designed in such a way that all the playing pieces, boards and instruction fit in a box designed to be displayed on your bookshelf. The games ranged from strategy games to games of luck, but one game always attracts the attention of board game collectors: Jati.

Jati is sought after because it is extremely rare. The company never actually produced the game for public consumption, instead they manufactured a handful of games in 1965 and again in 1966 as reviewer copies and to test the viability of the strategic alignment game. Estimates vary on the number of games produced, but somewhere between 100 to 1,000 copies were created.

Even though games, like the one that recently sold on eBay, are in mint, unopened condition — should you stumble across one in an estate sale or flea market, it’s probably worth your time to purchase it.

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