Tis The Season For Laughter

christmasWhen my daughter was about two year’s old, I had to have a colonoscopy and as I was standing at the kitchen sink trying to drink the vile liquid prescribed to purge my body, I gagged. My daughter said, as only a toddler can, ‘Dad, you can do it,’ repeating to me the phrase her mom and I used whenever she had to take liquid medicine.

What, of course, I did not want to explain to my two-year-old was: I did not need a pep talk and I knew ‘I could do it.’ I just didn’t want to because it tasted awful and I knew what would happen in less than 30 minutes after I drank it.

But that’s the innocence of youth.

Finding a way to laugh through life’s irritations and problems is one of the keys to a fulfilled life. Fortunately, humor exists in plenty of places. Here are a few to lighten your day.

Get a Job

The Reader’s Digest has compiled a list of dumb things people have done in job interviews. They kick off the list with this one:

“I swear this is true: Someone threw his beer can in the outside trash can before coming into the reception area,”
Anonymous HR professional

Possibly nothing is funnier, though, than letters to Santa from children. Here are two lists to enjoy.

Funny and touching Christmas letters from children in the 1800s, 1900s (Read entire list):

I am a bright-eyed little boy and am trying to be good so that you will remember me on Christmas morning. I would like very much to have a bayonet, a gun, a sword, a sled, a watch, and a chain, a pair of rubber boots, a snow shovel, some books, a slate, some nice warm stockings, a little penknife, a candy cane, and a pair of mittens. I hope you will not think I am asking for too many things, for I do not wish to be thought greedy.

Dear Santa, please can you make me prettier than my best friend? (Read complete list)

Dear Santa,

Why did you give Richard a PlayStation 2 and not me? Do you think that’s fair?


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