Monopoly Turns 80: Everything You Didn’t Know About the Iconic Game

I’m reblogging this for Molly. Monopoly has been played a lot in my house and we even had a Monopoly-themed birthday party for Molly all those years ago… Because of that birthday party I know a lot of Monopoly trivia, but somehow I did not know the game’s birthday was so close to Molly’s.


On Thursday, Monopoly celebrates its birthday. Can you guess what number birthday it is? No?

Well, it’s a big one: The game that brought families together – and then slowly tore them apart – with the healing power of capitalism is turning 80 this year. To celebrate, the good folks at Hasbro have provided us with not only scads of trivia about the game, but some photos that show how the now-iconic board game has evolved over the years. Enjoy, and do not collect $200.

Monopoly Game 1936

The game’s inventor, Charles Darrow, first developed Monopoly in 1933, from materials in his own home: the cards were handwritten, and the houses and hotels were made from scraps of wooden molding.

Monopoly Popular Edition Game 1936

Parker Brothers initially rejected the game for “52 fundamental errors” that included the game’s length, theme and complexity. After Darrow successfully sold the game at…

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