Obama Drives ’63 Corvette Around White House Driveway

I live deep in the GOP zone and am well aware that few, if anyone, around here likes Obama. I’m kind of neutral on him, but I’ve always been a Seinfeld fan – and some things in life are more important than politics.

Jerry’s Seinfeld’s current show – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee – is no where close to the same quality as Seinfeld, but it does have its moments. One of those moments is the episode with President Barack Obama.

President_Barack_ObamaFirst, the show opens with a short dialogue about the 1963 split-window Corvette, which, as Seinfeld points out – is one of the coolest Corvettes ever built. But when your show’s premise is:

  • Picking up a guest at their home
  • Arriving in a really cool car
  • Heading to some local shop for a cup of coffee

when that guest is the president – it presents a new set of challenges. Mostly, how do you leave the White House with the most powerful man in the world?

The answer – you don’t.

What unfolds in the episode is some interesting dialogue – which, for the most part, is nonpolitical because Seinfeld is concerned about more pressing issues. He asks Obama if he ever just cuts loose and starts cursing. Seinfeld wants to know if some of the world leaders are mentally unstable. As he asks these seemingly unimportant questions, at times, we get to see authentic laughter from the president.

It’s a relaxing 20-minute episode that proves even presidents have a personal side.

The show ends with Obama driving the Corvette around the White House property because, just like Jerry, he can’t get past the guard. But when he goes to turn the vehicle off, Seinfeld seems to be instructing him about the process. We get another short glimpse of unrehearsed reality when Obama says,

I know how to drive man, c’mon.

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