Twinsters: A Story About Family, Love And Unbelievable Odds

The world is undoubtedly getting smaller with the degree of separation between us shrinking, but the story behind the 2015 movie Twinsters is more than just a case of a small world — it is sheer luck joining forces with Facebook and YouTube to lessen the emotional and geographical distance between two people.

Twinsters centers around two women in their late 20s – one Korean-American actress, Samantha Futerman, best known for her supporting role in the 2005 film Memoirs of a Geisha. In recent years, she appears in 21 & Over and Man-Up.

Samantha directs the documentary Twinsters.

In 2013, Anais Bordier, a French fashion student, came across a YouTube video featuring Samantha and was ‘struck by their uncanny resemblance, ’ so Anais messaged Samantha on Facebook. After discovering they shared a birth date and were born in the same town in Korea, they knew — even though their adoption papers did not state it — it was highly likely they were twins.

As the title suggests, they do learn (through DNA testing) that they are, in fact, identical twins. The documentary is about their steadily advancing journey into sisterhood. The story begins in the United States, heads to France and eventually back to Korea where both women are reunited with the foster parents.

It is a touching, enjoyable ‘feel-good’ story that showcases both how small the world is and how modern technology, like social media, made their reunion possible.

Rated 5 out of 5. An interesting, engaging and thoughtful look at the emotional journey of twin sisters separated at birth. The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime.

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