Group Hopes To Update Final Chapter In Amelia Earhart’s Life

108px-earhartGrowing up, I was intrigued by planes. I read and re-read a book written in the 30s or 40s — its title I no longer remember — about a couple of boys and their airplane adventures. I was also fascinated by the stories of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. As I aged, I lost interest, but recently noticed an interesting story about Amelia Earhart.

Although in my youth, the prevalent theory I heard about Earhart was her plane went missing and she crashed and died, but one theory I never heard was that she landed on an island and died as a castaway. This theory gained new traction recently when it was revealed that bones, discovered and dismissed in 1940, may in fact be her skeleton remains. The group behind that discovery is hoping, in 2017, to send a submarine to the island where the bones were found.

USA Today ran an interesting article about their quest and the three main theories that have circulated about Earhart’s death.

You can read it here.

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