If You Enjoy Reading Nonfiction — Here Is A Blog To Follow

19493543362_9c607a8477_zFrom time to time, I like to post an entry about blogs I find interesting, useful and intriguing, mainly because I have grown so tired of all the predictable content on the web. A blog I recently began following is definitely worth passing along. It is What’s Nonfiction?

According to the About page, the author of the blog transitioned from reading fiction to nonfiction during the last few years. The writer notes,

..I preferred nonfiction, in all its many very different categories, to anything fictional. But when I tell people I only like to read nonfiction, they sometimes look a little disgusted, like I have no imagination or can’t appreciate literary art. But there are so many fascinating stories and beautiful writing to be found in all-true stories.

Since I read a lot, and most of what I read is nonfiction, What’s Nonfiction? helps me sift through books of interest. The thorough and insightful reviews are time savers. I can quickly decide which books to read — like this one and this one — and which ones to avoid (since a seemingly endless list of books exists, and I have a finite amount of time, I’ve accepted the reality that some books must go unread).

A recent post about a handful of murders in a small Louisiana town also piqued my interest — so that’s another book I’ll read.

Which brings up the blog’s only downside — it’s increasing my reading list.

But, I’m okay with that.

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3 thoughts on “If You Enjoy Reading Nonfiction — Here Is A Blog To Follow

  1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! I’m so glad to hear that my recommendations are helpful for you. I love books and I especially love getting the word out that nonfiction is so much more than textbooks or textbook-quality writing. Unfortunately, I told a friend of a friend a few nights ago at a dinner that I write about nonfiction books as a hobby and she looked at me like I had two heads. Sigh. So hearing your positive opinion really made up for that recent moment.

    Also enjoy your blog and your thoughts on events of the day – I’m an American living abroad at the moment and I loved reading your experiences with this crazy election! I mailed my absentee vote in on Monday…here’s hoping for the best!

    Thanks again for sharing, looking forward to reading more from you.

    – Rennie

    • Definitely keep doing what you’re doing, it’s especially helpful since you highlight some very interesting nonfiction books. ..Living in a Trump County I sometimes wonder if anyone reads anything factual anymore and I’m a little envious because this election is a good time to be out of the country. …like you I voted early, so I guess we’ll know on Tuesday how the election ends up.
      Good luck in your ventures.
      – Charlie

  2. It’s a good time to be away for sure, but I’m planning to return and that’s certainly a demoralizing prospect if we’re under Trump leadership. I’m glued to CNN these days and thinking as positively as possible!

    I’m sure you’ve got a tough situation being in a Trump county, I can’t even imagine it. But it gives you a unique perspective, at least, and it’s important to have some voices of reason there! Keep hoping, we’re almost there! And thanks again 🙂

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