I Can’t Decide If He’s Chicken Little Or The Boy Who Cried Wolf

We have lots of Stand With Israel signs in Preble County. One can only speculate what the signs would say if the Shepherd of Hermes, instead of The Revelation of John, had been included in the Bible as originally planned.

Must I fear what others fear, what nonsenseThe Tao

Congressman Warren Davidson definitely stays busy, alternating between warning constituents that the sky is falling to crying wolf over some alleged impending doom.  I say this because the issues he has worked on this year are the work of an alarmist and are of no value to the people he represents.

Take the American Health Care Act. His logic seems to be, if we don’t repeal the Affordable Care Act, the country will go bankrupt (crying wolf). But both the House and Senate versions of the AHCA will be devastating to Ohio, the state he, in theory, represents.

Me And Jesus Got A Good Thing Goin’

Earlier this year, Davidson spearheaded a drive to protect our Religious Liberty and it resulted in 45* signing an executive order ensuring this freedom. I live in a county of 40,000 and, according to an ad in the local paper, we have 92 churches. When one of the student speakers at my daughter’s high school graduation a few weeks ago thanked ‘her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,’ the auditorium erupted in applause. If I were so inclined, like 32 percent of Ohio’s population — I could attend Sunday morning service at a different church each week and it would take nearly two years to attend all the churches in my county.

We have religious freedom here, religious diversity, on the other hand, that is lacking. (Hey 45* can we get a Religious Diversity Executive Order.)

California Is To Blame

But Davidson’s latest fearmongering is more deplorable when you consider the abysmal gerrymandering that exists in Ohio. Gerrymandering is one of the political tactics that has escalated the country’s partisanship during the past two or three decades. Now, according to Davidson’s latest e-newsletter, the ‘sky is falling’ — not in Ohio, the state he was elected to represent — but California — that blue state which, unlike Ohio, has a thriving economy. So as real Ohioans deal with a sub-standard economy, Davidson is crying wolf about the seats in the House. Davidson says,

Did you know that electoral votes and seats in the House are distributed based on the total population of each state? States like California game the system to encourage illegal immigration and are rewarded with 5-7 extra congressional seats by some estimates. 

We lose our sovereignty each day this goes unresolved. This is why I introduced the Fair Representation Amendment.

Although the Amendment is very self-serving in the GOP’s voter suppression drive, it’s an intriguing twist for a party whose current brand supports stronger state rights and less federal interference. Apparently, in this situation though, the feds need to intervene.

Gerrymandering: Legally Gaming The System

Davidson’s Congressional District is the definition of gaming the system. He presides over one of the most noncompetitive Congressional Districts in Ohio. His district is ‘packed’ with a 2-to-1 ratio of GOP to Democrat voters — and it was his Party that imposed the unethical District map on Ohio residents.

This undemocratic approach to democracy is undermining our political institutions causing many to lose faith in the political process. So maybe, to paraphrase Jesus, Davidson should just worry about the plank in his own eye and not the speck in California’s.

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