Americans Who ‘Got It Right’

I recently clashed via email with an organization. The underlying philosophy of the organization is flawed and counterproductive for the community at large — and the response I received was typical. It went something like this:

Thank you for voicing your concerns. We will take this under advisement.

Of course, this is business speak for:

We’ll keep doing it our way.

The interaction, though, forced me to pause. Mores and values are the most difficult attributes to change — but I realized maybe I was doing it wrong.

Maybe, what we Americans need is to read the stories of the men and women who rose above herd-mentality and embraced the very real value of American Individualism. Maybe, I needed to seek out those stories of Americans who made their world a better place because of their willingness to buck the trends.

This page will contain those stories. Stories of men and women from all walks of life — engaged in a wide range of lifestyles and vocations — who possess one common trait: individualism.

Or, in other words, stories of Americans who got it right.

  1. Helen King: Saving for the Future
  2. Bill Claywell: Power of Character
  3. Sparking Anderson: Redefining How Pitching is Done in MLB
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