My America: Ohio

23633876913_404d053475_zGrowing up in the early 70s, I knew I was lucky to be in Ohio. The state was home to so many innovative people and living in the Miami Valley, I grew up learning about the Wright Brothers, Charles Kettering, and the National Cash Register company. My hometown of West Alexandria was small, but thriving and built a new elementary just in time for my graduating class. Major League Baseball’s MVP Pete Rose even dropped our town to sign autographs in the mid-1970s.

And our home (pictured above) felt like heaven on earth. We were tucked away about a mile off the road, with a gravel pit in front of the house — woods and creek in the rear. I learned to drive on front end loaders and pickup trucks with ‘4 on the floor’ and  ‘3 on the tree.’

It was a great place to be. (To be fair, though, we had problems — as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young succinctly reminded us in their hit song, Four Dead in Ohio.)

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