My America

amphicars-5America means something different to everyone. My America comprises a lot of influences. These influences range from religious teachings, family traditions to something as benign as where I was born versus where I was raised. This page links to all the influences that have created my experience. Throughout 2016, I will add links to this page to help visitors better understand my take on the American Way.

Family History

  • The Claywells: My family has been on North American soil since the mid-1600s when Peter Clavell arrived in Virginia. As an amateur family historian I have recorded some of my family history.
  • The Beatys: My maternal family has been here since the mid-1700s. In 2016, I will be adding more of their stories.

Southwest Ohio

Although my heritage is closely aligned with south central Kentucky, I was raised — and live — in Southwest Ohio. Learn more about its influence on me — and the country.

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