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Vintage Toys: 1972 Tonka Aerial Fire Truck (Photo)

1972 Aerial Fire Truck

1972 Aerial Fire Truck

1972 Aerial Fire Truck

Item No. 2960 in the 1972 Tonka Look Book. The book doesn’t provide a description, just an image. I also have the same model from 1975.

1975 Tonka Fire Truck

1975 Tonka Fire truck — missing decals and ladders from side of truck.

Description: These are large, mostly metal vehicles. The ladders are plastic, but some of the gears used to extend the ladders are not. Overall size is at least 18 inches in length.

Notes: Although, the extendable ladders on both of my fire trucks work well, each truck has its own unique flaws. The 1972 version is actually in the best shape of the two — its decals look fine, it has the side ladders — it’s only problem is it’s missing the siren lights on top of the cab. The 1975 version is missing its side ladders and decals.

Value: Mid-70 versions of the truck, NIB tend to list for $50-$100.

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Vintage Toys: 1964 Mini-Tonka Grader (Photo)

1964 Mini-Tonka

1964 Mini-Tonka

Item No. 76 in the 1964 Tonka Look Book. It was one of 12 Mini-Tonkas included in the 1964 booklet. It is described as:

GRADER Ruggedly built of steel. Steers by handle in front of driver’s seat. Two levers adjust scraper blade. Over-size rubber tires are deep-grooved for traction.

I found this on the shelf of a Dayton, OH area thrift store. Even though it is a Mini, it is not a Mini in the sense of modern mini-Tonkas. This one measures about a foot in length.

In my experience, unless a Tonka is extremely rare or in NIB (New in Box) condition, it’s value is relatively low. I have seen NIB like this one listed for $70-$100 (although I am not certain they sold for that amount), but one in ‘played with’ condition and slightly rusty like mine, is worth $15-$25.

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