2014 In Review: Your Favorites and Mine

One thing I learned while blogging in 2014 is there is no shame in admitting an idea is not your own. In fact, Solomon of old had it right when he said, ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’

A blogger I follow, created a list similar to mine — listing reader’s favorite entries compared to her favorites. Well, here is mine. Your favorite entries — based on page views — versus entries I felt were my best.


Your Favorites

An amphicar cruises in St. Mary's Lake during the 2014 Lake Festival in Celina, Ohio.

An amphicar cruises in St. Mary’s Lake during the 2014 Lake Festival in Celina, Ohio.

Amphicars Make A Splash At Annual Ohio Show

I fell back on my community newspaper reporting days for this entry. Ever since I was a child and saw my neighbor’s Amphicar, I ‘always wanted to see one in action. This year, I drove an hour north to Celina, Ohio and watch 15-20 cars drive into St. Mary’s Lake. (Click on image to see more Amphicar photos)


Phrases I Heard At Work — That Still Make Me Smile

I have heard — and said — my share of one liners at work. This entry was about a few of the most memorable conversations and events I have witnessed while earning a living.


Significant Revolutionary War Battle Did Not Involve British Soldiers

This story comes from my mother’s family line — the Beatys. My grandfather of the Revolutionary War era was on hand for one of the most important battle of the conflict — but he was sidelined by a rattlesnake bite.

My Favorites

Little League with the Giants.

Little League with the Giants.

Little League and the Big Red Machine

In my early 20s I took a temporary job at a local factory and when I introduced myself to my new co-worker, he said, “I know who you are. I was always trying to beat your batting average in Little League.” It was at least the second time someone at work had referenced my Little League career so this entry is a look at the news coverage about my ‘career’ from a small village newspaper.


Confederate Families Exit The U.S. To Colonize Brazil

I am always fascinated by all the American history I do not know. This entry is about a group of Confederate families that left the United States after the War Between the States — and the heritage they created in present-day Brazil.

See Jim, It Doesn’t Hurt — History of Product Testing on Humans

This was my first attempt at satire. The entry centers around a newspaper photo of one of my teachers who volunteered to be tested with an unknown substance, in an effort to raise funds for the local high school band.

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