Funny Friday: Ohio Judge Fines Self For Contempt

ohio-judgeWhen reading the news this week, there were lots of stories about politics, forbidden love, and even where Ohio can — or cannot — buy the drug used in state executions. But all of those stories can be a little too much at times — and depressing.

So, it’s kind of refreshing when a lighthearted story comes along like this one from Hillsboro, Ohio a small town about an hour east of Cincinnati. The Common Pleas judge for Hillsboro — Rocky Coss — has a strict ‘turn off your cell phones before you come into my courtroom’ rule. Earlier this week, while court was in session, Coss’ ringtone went off.

After his phone rang, Coss did what he would do to anyone breaking his rule: He gave himself a stern talking to, found himself in contempt of court, and ordered himself to pay the $25 fine.

Coss wrote about the mishap in his local paper and concluded his article by saying,

You never know what fun event life will bring especially to the attorneys present during the hearing. I am contemplating having the Bailiff search me before I go into court to avoid being a repeat offender. We have never had a repeat offender on the cell phone violation and I certainly do not want to be the first in that category.

So who had such pressing business that they needed to talk with the judge during a court session?

His wife.

You can watch a video clip about the incident here.

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