Sunken Steamship Headed to Ohio in 1862 Discovered

In 1862 a propeller-driven steamship en route to Cincinnati sank in the Great Lakes killing all on board. The whereabouts of the ship remained a mystery until two New York shipwreck hunters recently located the ship about 7 miles off of the shore of Fair Haven, New York in Lake Ontario.

According to the Associated Press,

(Jim) Kennard and (Roger) Pawlowski, with underwriting support from National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, Ohio, were searching for wrecks along the lake’s southeastern shore in late August when their side-scan sonar revealed a debris field in several hundred feet of water about seven miles from shore.

It’s not the first historical find for the pair of men. Earlier this year, the AP ran a story about two canal boats the pair found. In 2014, the pair along with Roland Stevens discovered a rare dagger–board schooner, Three Brothers, also in Lake Ontario. According to Ship Wreck World, the Three Brothers is

… the first fully working dagger-board schooner ever found and is believed to be the oldest confirmed commercial schooner to have been discovered in the Great Lakes. 

Pawlowski has been diving onto shipwrecks for 14 years and Kennard has been a shipwreck hunter since 1970 and has discovered more than 200 shipwrecks.

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