Colonial History Post Most Popular in 2016

27848489006_51b603249d_zSince I like poring over data, here is the annual post on what entries performed best over the year. However, this year, I am looking at the Top post from the past three years:


One of the most intriguing books I’ve read on American history is Albion’s Seed. The book explores about 20-25 folkways in each of the four original British American colonies. In 2016, the post about the Backcountry — which is the colony my maternal side landed in — was the blog’s most popular post.


Last year, people were interested in a post detailing the original news story about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.


Two years ago, it was a journalistic type entry about the annual Amphicar festival that takes place in Celina, Ohio. It was my first time there — and watching the 1960s-era cars drive into the lake was impressive.


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