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Uncle Wiggily: Classic Children’s Board Game Holds Its Value (Photo)


Uncle Wiggily: 1988 Milton Bradley versionAccording to Wikipedia, Uncle Wiggily  — along with Candy Land — is considered a classic juvenile American board game. Oddly enough for me, and even for my daughter, we never played the game. In my childhood — and my daughter’s — Monopoly was the game of choice, although my daughter did introduce me to Risk and Stratego.

Uncle Wiggily is based on a children’s story character created in 1910 by Howard R. Garis. The board game was introduced by the Milton Bradley Company in 1916 and the company revised the game at least three times: 1923, 1949, and 1955. The game is now owned by Hasbro.

During the early years (before 1930) a few variations of the game were also created like Put a Hat on Uncle Wiggily.

The game is designed for 2-4 players and for children ages 4 and older. It is a game of chance so there isn’t a strategy per se because players roll the dice and draw cards trying to be the first to arrive at Dr. Possum’s house.

I own the 1988 Milton Bradley version which sells for around $30 in sealed MIB condition. The more valuable versions of the game are the one-off versions like Put a Hat on Uncle Wiggily, the pre-1930 versions or even 1950s and 1960s versions in nice condition. These versions can sell for $30-$60 based on year produced and condition of game.

To learn more about the game, its various versions and their values visit BoardGameGeek or the Elliott Avedon Virtual Museum of Games.

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3M Bookshelf Games and 3M Sports Games Booklet (Photo)

3M-bookletI found this booklet inside a 1964 version of the 3M Stocks & Bonds Bookshelf game. The booklet includes descriptions for several of their games. I transcribed some of the information to use as a reference.

Bookshelf Games

  • Bazaar (Ga-290) involves strategic trading and retrading which enables players to gain the right combination of colored tokens to purchase colorful Wares displayed at the Bazaar.
  • Phlounder (GA-100) is the action word game in which players race to build the right word and be the first to ring the bell.
  • Twixt (GA-110) invloves chess-like strategy as each player attempts to build an uninterrupted chain of linked pegs “twixt” his borders before his opponent can do the same.
  • Oh-Wah-Ree (GA-120) is an ancient and absorbing pit-and-pebble game. Players capture pebbles by “sowing” pebbles from the most strategically located pit.
  • Acquire (GA-140), the game of hotel investments, fascinates players as they attempt to gain the most wealth by building and investing in hotel chains.
  • Jumpin (GA-150) is an absorbing game of pawns for 2 players or 2 teams.
  • Quinto (GA-160) holds the fascination of numbers as each player attempts to obtain the highest score possible by playing up to five tiles totaling 5 or a multiple of 5 in a straight row.
  • Stocks & Bonds (GA-170) lets each player buy and sell stocks and bonds as he tries to become the wealthiest player in the game.
  • Breakthru (GA-180) is a unique double-strategy game for two. Gold player tries to escort his flagship to safety on perimeter of board while silver player tries to capture it.
  • High Bid (GA-190) is the exciting auction game in which players try to complete valuable collections by outbidding and out-bluffing their opponents.
  • Facts in Five (GA-260) is the stimulating game of knowledge that pits up to five players against each other — and time.

Sports Games

  • Thinking Man’s Golf (GA-240) is for a single player or as many as four. The game featured 18 of the best golf holes in the U.S.
  • Big League Baseball (GA-230) involves all the skills and strategy of the professional game. Each player manages his own team. Designed for two players.
  • Pro Football (GA-220) is for grandstand quarterbacks of all ages. It involves the player in the strategy of professional football as the player tries to lead his team to victory.
  • Win, Place & Show (GA-250) is for racing fans of all ages and can be played by three to six players. Each player receives $50,000 to buy good horses in the auction before each race and to make bets.
  • Regatta (GA-300) will fascinate the experienced sailor and landlubber alike as they participate in the excitement and challenge of an official yacht race.

EduPLAYtional Games

  • Teach Key Reading & Spelling (E 1100) unlocks the wonder of words for youngsters. For ages 5 to 8.
  • Teach Key Math (E 1200) unfolds the fascination of numbers as mini-mathematicians solve simple addition and subtraction problems. For ages 5 to 8.
  • Sum Times (E 1500), the game that makes numbers fun, provides merry multiplication with a mathematical crossword. For ages 8 to 12.
  • Egghead or Chicken (E 1900), the exciting new quiz game, involves fun and facts. Players pick a question and state their answers. Eggheads thinks they know the answer – Chickens guess. For ages 7 to 12.
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Stocks and Bonds 3M Bookshelf Game (Photos)


This game has been released with several looks, but the one I have is the 1964 3M Bookshelf version. The bookshelf games were built to last — and as the name suggests — were designed to be placed on a bookshelf for storage. The most interesting part of this particular find, for me, is the marketing booklet included in the game (pictured above).


1964 version of the 3M Company's Bookshelf Game Stocks & Bonds.

1964 version of the 3M Company’s Bookshelf Game Stocks & Bonds.

The game includes scorecards to record your finances after each round of play, dice, chalk and eraser, stock certificates, a flexible chalkboard and action cards (Bear market, etc.). Game also include stock calculator which is based on roll of the dice and a card explaining each of the stock.

How to Play
Players take turn rolling the dice and attempt to improve their wealth by buying and selling stock.

The 1964 version in mint condition can sell for $50. Played with, but compete versions, sell for around $20.

Current Auction

For a list of current eBay prices, click here.

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