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15747797765_3429a64eb2_oPhrases I Heard At Work — That Still Make Me Smile

I have heard — and said — my share of one liners at work. This entry was about a few of the most memorable conversations and events I have witnessed while earning a living.

Significant Revolutionary War Battle Did Not Involve British Soldiers

This story comes from my mother’s family line — the Beatys. My grandfather of the Revolutionary War era was on hand for one of the most important battle of the conflict — but he was sidelined by a rattlesnake bite.

Little League with the Giants.

Little League and the Big Red Machine

In my early 20s I took a temporary job at a local factory and when I introduced myself to my new co-worker, he said, “I know who you are. I was always trying to beat your batting average in Little League.” This entry is a look at my ‘career’ from a small village newspaper’s coverage.

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