Most Popular Blog Entries Address War, Dogs and Little League Baseball

I enjoy writing and connecting with readers. Despite my best efforts, some blog entries fall to the wayside while others flourish. Here are three of my most popular entries in case you missed them.

Significant Revolutionary War Battle Did Not Involve British soldiers

One of the most decisive battles in the War for Independence involved the Overmountain men. One of my forefathers was there, unfortunately he was bitten by a rattlesnake so how much he participated is a mystery. Read more >>

Broken Spirit: What A Rescued Dog Taught Me About Life

Technically, Versa is my daughter’s dog. We went to the local dog pound and my daughter picked out the 40-pound, black and white mix-breed, nine-month-old female pup. Within a month the pup — plagued with fear aggression — was mine. What was unexpected for me, though, was as Versa conquered her fears, she taught me a few things about my own. Read more >>

Little League and the Big Red Machine

This nostalgic piece looks back at what it was like to grow up an hour north of Cincinnati in the era of the Big Red Machine. It was a time when baseball was king and it was impossible as a Little Leaguer not to love the game. But I had a big problem — I was small, underweight, weak – and unlike Pete Rose, I could not hit. Read more >>

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2 thoughts on “Most Popular Blog Entries Address War, Dogs and Little League Baseball

  1. Douglas Claywell

    Just trying to do a little backgroud on my grandfather George Oliver Claywell born in Breeden,Ky in 1899 I thinjk his fathers name was John? have any info?

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