Most Popular Posts in 2015

WildhorsesowyheeEach year, I like to look back and see which posts resonated with readers. Here are the Top 5 from 2015.

5.) 1800s Wild West Lynching Claims Life Of Claywell Man. This is one of the most interesting family stories I have researched. In this post, I relay the story of Warren Claywell, a young man tried and convicted in the Kansas Territory, of stealing horses. The trial was nothing short of a mob lynching and Warren was hanged to death in front of his aged mother and brothers.

4.) Quote For The Week: Be Thankful. Just like the headline says — these are quotes, taken mostly from religious writings, that encourage us to focus on what is right in our world. The post ends with Mark Twain’s maxim on what we all should be thankful for.

3.) Printing Errors Alter Biblical Meanings. This is one of my rare attempts to look at the lighter side in a book review. In this post, I pull out all humorous printing errors that have occurred over the years including one that financially destroys a printer. If you are interested in Bible printing and translation history A Visual History of the English Bible: The Tumultuous Tale of the World’s Bestselling Book is an excellent resource. Post ends with a funny, religious joke about Hell.

2.) ‘Becoming Madison’ A Nice Preamble To Constitution. In this recent December post I wrote a book review about Becoming Madison: The Extraordinary Origins of the Least Likely Founding Father. The book, which I highly recommend, takes a short, yet insightful look, at James Madison’s formative years and the role Patrick Henry played in determining Madison’s place in United States’ history.

1.) Original News Report on Lincoln’s Assassination Shows Much Has Changed. In this short post from April, I reference the New York Times reissuing of the original news article announcing Lincoln’s assassination. What is most interesting in the original article is what the reporter felt the need to relay to his readers — and what he left out.

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