Vintage Toys

jatiRare 3M Bookshelf Game Sells for $725
During the 1960s 3M created a series of games known as Bookshelf Games. The games ranged from strategy games to games of luck, but one game always attracts the attention of board game collectors: Jati.

Uncle Wiggily: 1988 Milton Bradley versionUncle Wiggily: Classic Children’s Board Game Holds Its Value (Photo)
Uncle Wiggily is based on a children’s story character created in 1910 by Howard R. Garis. The board game was introduced by the Milton Bradley Company in 1916. More

Advance to BoardwalkAdvance to Boardwalk board game fails to expand Monopoly franchise (Photo)
I was a little surprise by the Advance to Boardwalk game because it is related to the Monopoly franchise only in name. More

Castle RiskRisk board games increase in value with alternate versions
Because of the game’s popularity and the relatively new approach to creating versions of the game, some of the non-standard versions command high prices if they are still in their shrink wrap. More

1964 Mini-Tonka

1964 Mini-Tonka Grader
I found this on the shelf of a Dayton, OH thrift store. Even though it’s a Mini, it’s not a Mini in the sense of new mini-Tonkas. This one measures about a foot in length. More

1972 Aerial Fire Truck

1972 Aerial Fire Truck
Item No. 2960 in the 1972 Tonka Look Book. The book doesn’t provide a description, just an image. I also have the same model from 1975. More

1964 Gomer Pyle board game.

Gomer Pyle board game
This 1964 game is obviously connected to the TV show.  It was sold by Transogram — the company best known for the game Tiddledy Winks. More

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